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My Services

Caroline Barwick-Walters is a very experienced Podiatrist, her feet health care over 20 years, is renowned in Bury-St-Edmunds, so you can feel confident of expert feet care.

I am here to advise on all Foot/Health related problems conducted in a clean/ sterile environment at Mount Farm Surgery

My Podiatry Service provides assessment and advice for all Bury-St-Edmunds residents who have foot related problems.




Instruments Used.....

Sterile Vacum Packed Instruments

Due to cross contamination The H. P. C. (Health Professional Council), was set up, to "Protect" the "Service User".
Its aim, to make sure, that not only Podiatrist, but the general health practioner, who is treating patient on a day to day basis, are:-
1. Practising with a "Protected Title" Podiatry

2. Take yearly "Continual Professional Day" courses, keeping up-to-date with modern techniques, and academic  knowledge, resulting in sometimes qualifications, and a general "Portfolio" of education

3. Ensuring that the surgery and its instruments are sterilised and vacuum packed individually for each patient

4 Ensuring that the old instruments are  disposed of individually and recorded on a database for future record checking

5. Ensuring that the "Work Ethic" by which we were trained , is always upheld  to the strictest  standards.

Nail Care
I do not work within the NHS confinements, and cutting of nails is something that I do within my surgery.
There are many types of nails, from,
1 "Involuted Nails" whereby the edges are curled into the skin),
2 Psoriasis nails, which are quite thick and flaky
3. Onychomycosis - infected toenails.
4. nychocryptosis - Ingrowing toes nails.
5. Onychogryphosis - Rams Horn nails.
6. Onycholysis - Separation of the nail from bed.
7. Onychia - Inflammation of the matrix and bed.
The above is to name but a few, all can be dealt with at my surgery, or if need be, referred to for analysis at your local hospital.






our Podiatry services

Chiropody & Podiatry Treatment consists of the following:-

1. Corn removal
2. Callous debridement
3. Nail Cutting
4. Biomechanic Assessment
5. Shoe Advise
6. Bespoked Orthosis for hammered toes
7. Ingrowing Toe Nail proceedure (semi-permanent)
8. Diabetic Checks
9. Inspection of suspected skin complaints (Ulcerations/Fungi/Psoriasis/Eczema)
10. Depending on the skin condition 'Dry/Moist/Scaly a cream will be soothingly applied to your feet after the treatment

Your Initial Appointment with me will be in total 1 hour.

Subsequent Appointments will be 30 minute appointments

After 20 years in this business, I still love my chosen career, so a warm welcome awaits you, whatever your problems are, small or complicated,  I will be more than happy to assist you in every way I can!


I follow the Health Professions Council recommendations and the following range of practices for podiatrists:

The practice of podiatry is the prevention, treatment and palliation  of disease, disorder or dysfunction of the foot, and includes the  bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments or other soft tissue of the foot  and lower leg which impact on or affect the foot or foot function







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